OCTOBER 16 - 17, 2015

... Another amazing UCMB Homecoming is here ...
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Come home and celebrate
The UCAMB's 40th Anniversary!

Let's make this the The biggest alumni band ever!
The Officers & Board of Directors of the UCAMB look forward to seeing you at Homecoming!
2015 Elections
It's time to elect our Officers and Decade Reps
for the upcoming year. If you would like to serve, please reach out to our Nominations Committee members,
Amy Bovin Dauphinais & Brendon Foley
Step forward as a candidate!
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Friday Afternoon & Evening:
3:30-6:00 - UCMB Rehearsal - Be a CAPTAIN!
                 (Rehearse with the band on Friday, then help teach it Saturday morning)
                 Please email Pam Marino at PamUCAMB01@yahoo.com
                        if you're going to be there!
7:00- ???  - Graduating Senior & Old Folks PARTY!
                        Chuck's Margarita Grille (The Old Margaritaville)
                                     1498 Stafford Road (Route 32)
                        Storrs, CT 06268        (860) 429-1900

Saturday Morning: 
(Must wear wristbands to enter, and have tickets ready to be scanned in Section 115 during the game)

7:00 - Arrive @ Rentschler Field (Enter thru "Main Gate")
          Parking: Upper Red Lot - $15 Fee payable upon entry
                    *** If you hold season tickets & a parking pass, show it at the gate to avoid the $15 fee***
          Our parking pass gets you in before 8:00AM, and straight to our location.
7:30 - UCAMB Music Rehearsal
8:30 - Joint UCMB/UCAMB Rehearsal - Enter Thru "Gate E" (MUST have wristband!)
           -- Guests and non-marchers are welcome to watch rehearsal (In thru Gate E)
             -- Guests and non-marchers enter through general admission for the game.

11:10  - Line Up To Enter Stadium
11:30  - Enter Field For Pre-Game Thru "Gate E"
12:00 - Kickoff vs. USF
-- HALFTIME: Enter field at 2:00 remaining in 2nd quarter, after the UCMB.
-- POST-GAME: On the field for the Alma Mater with the UCMB.

NON MARCHERS: Enter through "Gate B" to watch morning rehearsal and exit afterward.
           Re-enter through general admission for the game.

Saturday Evening: 
Post-game Alumni FUN!
               Nolita Ristorante
                          363 Roberts Street (Next to the Ramada Hotel)
               East Hartford, CT 06108        (860) 222-9000



All UCAMB members interested in helping with planning upcoming invents, and or helping with the reorganization of the UCAMB itself,
are invited to send feedback to this list via email: TheUCAMB@yahoogroups.com.

The UCAMB website is your definitive source for updated information. Bookmark it!
If you have pictures you would like included on the site please post them to D. Scott Stewart or Eric Morson.
Be sure to replace the AT and the DOT before clicking "send" in your email to us!

To learn more about/join the The UCAMB group, please visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TheUCAMB


The UCAMB Officers & Board of Directors